Pack 50 sheet/roll Reusable Rag Bamboo Towels

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50 sheet/roll Reusable Rag Bamboo Towels

Description :

Families love these bleach-free washable, reusable paper towels. A waste-free alternative to a regular paper towel that can last for years! If you feel l like you throw away too many disposables in your home then you are in the right place! Unlike other paper towels, the Mioeco paper towels absorb spillages and mess far easier.... and the best bit? You can simply wash them out and use them again and again! Keeping your family home clean and hygienic!

Do you spend a lot of time at the sink with family members constantly leaving dishes and plates everywhere? We have a solution for you! Reusable natural, waste-free sponges for the kitchen are a great alternative to plastic kitchen sponges that go straight into landfill! Not only that but you'll find they last longer! Less trips to the shops to restock and a good feeling in your belly knowing that you're doing your bit for Mother Earth!

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Feature: Eco-Friendly
Production: Scouring Pad
Usage: Cleaning
Material: Microfiber
Model Number: Roll Paper
Item Weight: 0.200KG