ANHO Trash - Compost Bin for kitchen

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This high-quality compost bin for kitchen is made from durable, rust-proof galvanized sheet metal and can be used for life. Only the filters will need to be changed when they are too dirty or damaged.

Product Features :

· Carbon filters: The activated carbon filter installed in the lid of the compost bin can effectively absorb odors. Our bin is delivered with 2 filters.

· Inner bucket: Made of PP plastic, solid and secure support. The inner bucket is convenient for moving waste without dirtying the outer bucket and has a handle to help you get it out easily.

· Lid with 6 holes: The function of the holes is to ventilate odors from the garbage in the bin. By passing through the carbon filter and the holes, the odor is filtered and disappears.

· Sleek silver design with a trash can lid and a durable handle. A smooth frame and a neat finish, which adds a touch of style to the kitchen.

Brand Name: ANHO
Shape: Round
Structure: Standing
Type: Storage Bucket
Model Number: KIE-0195A
Style: Without Lid
Material: Metal